Friday, 23 September 2016

Glencoe - Mamores Vertical Kilometre

Mike McGovern and Darin Dougal took part in the Mamores Vertical Kilometre, part of the Glencoe Skyline races last Friday night. The event follows the well established International Skyrunning Federation ‘VK’ format, in which participants follow a marked course gaining 1000m of height in less than 5km. Participants are set off at timed intervals with the winner having the fastest overall time to the summit.
The race was won by Alexis Sévennec the French world champion in ridiculously fast time of 42:17. Darin and Mike acquitted themselves very well - Darin was 38th and 2nd MV in  59:54, with Mike just behind in 1:01:37, 4th MV 
Full results here

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