Friday, 30 December 2016

Moorfoot Dilemma for 2017

So what's it to be for 2017? No, not your New Year resolution or training/racing goals. You want to do your bit for the club and promote the Moorfoot red and blue when out training, racing, or even standing on the sidelines. So per the post below you've got (or even won) your trendsetting alternate red and blue Moorfoot socks. But which colour on which foot?
Should the socks maintain the alternating sequence of red and blue per the club vest, so red on the left foot and blue on the right foot?
But what if you wear the old red and blue halved club shorts (still available apparently in XXL which I am working hard towards!)?
Or like me, due to the onset of early stages of senility, should you go Red on the Right and bLue on the Left?
Either way you will still look like an eejit, but if we agree which on which, at least we'd all be consistent eejits.
Happy New Year!

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