Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Five Stars for Burnside Cafe'

Along with an number of weary Moorfoot Runners (some suffering from too much Christmas and New Year) We stumbled, as my legs would not carry me further, into the quaint Burnside Cafe near to The Cuddy Bridge in Innerleithen.

A bridge called Cuddy Bridge near the Burnside Cafe'
We were met by head waiter Austen Williams and shown to our seats. Drinks orders were quickly taken and were soon delivered by Austen and his co-worker Alice Williams.

Along with the delicious drinks, we were treated to scones, shortbread, mince pies and brownies (provided by Lucy).

a scone

some shortbread

Some mince pies

some brownies

some more brownies

Both Alice and Austen managed to keep up with the hungry runners chomping through all their food - and not once did they complain about how dirty and wet they looked or how badly they smelled!

For these reasons I must award them 5 stars - Well Done!

By a really important man from Trip Advisor

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Andyc said...

Hahahahaha nice one Alan, finally some decent banter on the blogger!!!