Monday, 15 May 2017

Loch Leven Half Marathon report - Carol Moss breaks age-group course record

Also this weekend Carol Moss and Ian Munro took part in the Loch Leven half on Saturday. Carol had a record-breaking performance claiming the W50 record that had stood for 20 years - massive congratulations.

Here's Ian's report:
A near perfect day for running - bit gloomy with no direct sun, almost no wind and a slight hint of rain. Superb event organisation.

 Some great running - producing quite pedestrian times - won in 1:14, only 6 folk broke 1:20, only 36 broke 1:30 - out of 500 odd finishers. First woman was 1:26.

Great running by Carol to claim 1st V50 lady and 7th woman overall in 1:33 - breaking the V50 record for the course - which had stood since 1997. Ground out a 1:38 (involving an 11th mile of abject misery!!).

 This was a really tough road run on all sorts of counts - it's a lousy course in a beautiful setting.
 Plenty of apparent interest - quiet roads, lots of variation and challenge but that's where the good bits stop! Any idea that it's around a loch (which it is!!) is lost - the loch is never nearer than a full field away and mostly out of sight. The course is full of very long boring straights. Almost one at every corner.

 Really attritional running - thus the times - the hills are all long and slow and just wear you down (well, me any way).

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