Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Cademuir Rollercoaster 'on the ropes'

Alan Elder's report:

I ran the diluted version of the 'now with added lumps' rollercoaster last year  - but this year -  the rolliness of the coaster has been amplified with the painful initial climb up along Cademuir Plantation. This certainly took a few bites out of my calves. 

At the top of the first climb, there is a good run off from the Red Well Spring, down around the Whaum to the midpoint of the hellish hill. Ascending the slope to the hill fort, time one and time two - in full grunting-knee-pumping mode, I become aware of a major downfall with a local race. When you know the marshals - there is nowhere to hide - Iona M at the bottom and Brian H at the top - stopping would be a scoffable offence.

This 'inconvenience' takes its toll by lap two and the level of huffing is significant. I manage to draw back some air for the Cademuir step and even manage to pass a runner on the last climb.

A few sharp intakes of breath and I am reeling down the final slope before the traverse and final dash to the line. It has been a busy week - so though a little slower than I would have hoped - not unexpected!

Looking forward to the next one!

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