Friday, 11 August 2017

Caerketton Hill Race 2017

If a weekend race isn't enough and you are looking to give your legs a sound midweek thrashing - I would recommend looking out for a Wednesday night race (should you decide to take leave of your common sense!).

Caerketton is on my way home from work so I thought I would join in. Probably not the best idea after running Philiphaugh on Sunday - a 6 mile 'recovery run' around Cademuir on Monday and a Tuesday night beasting (courtesy of Colin and Ruth) at training.

But was only 3 quid to enter!

As I arrive , the junior race is just coming to an end and I spot some junior Moorfoot vests speeding down the final stretch to the finish line.

Angus Carlyle dashes down in a fantastic 2nd place - soon followed by brother, Cameron in a very creditable 5th and  Danny Lancaster puts in a great effort for 8th. Good show from the juniors - 3 in the top 10!

The adult race is soon underway and it feels like a vertical kilometer to reach the top - in fact it probably is?  It's a hot night and a tough climb to get around the second cairn. 

The middle section on the way up (courtesy Carnethy dot com)

My legs are suffering from the past three day's activity but once around the top cairn, I know it is all down hill. Time to enjoy....

From rounding the cairn, I managed to make up 12 places before the finish line. Some Moorfoot support from the Carlyle's on the final corner probably accounted for half of the places!

I had an outside time of 28 minutes in mind - so not too disappointed with 27.20.

A new record of 17.51 was set by Jonathan Crickmore of Dark Peak and Charlotte Morgan of Carnethy set a new female record of 20.23 - beating her previous by 28 seconds.

108 entered - the highest number in the last 12 years!

Results Here

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