Friday, 27 July 2018

Andy Cox at Ambleside Sports Guides Race

Andy Cox was taking part in another BOFRA Championship counter on Thursday at the Ambleside Sports Guides Race, with another high finish covering the 1.7 miles / 2.7 km with 800 feet / 240 meters of climb in 16:27. Andy was 4th to top and was passed on the descent and in the field to record 8th place in a very strong field.
Race details here:
“A deceptively unrelenting climb through bracken paths to the rocky summit outcrop”
A little history:
In the Lake District, the natural landscape provides a home to many fell races, but here they are often known as Guide Races. The name Guide is thought to stem from the 18th century, when tourists seeking to take exercise used the knowledge and skill of the local fellsmen to guide them over the mountain areas. One theory for the actual ‘Guide Race’ is that during their spare time, the guides held competitions amongst themselves racing to the top of the nearest fell and back."
Photo of Andy with Alistair Dunn (6th on the day) - Alva legend who won 8 years back to back 2006 - 2013

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