Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mid week at Carin Table

Another Bog and Burn midweek scorchio, this time at Muirkirk for a fast and mostly runnable Cairn table hill race. It is 4.5 miles, with plenty of running before the hill, out and back with a 330m climb, which was just about right for one of the hottest days of the year. Good to see young Lucas turn up as well to give it a go, with a couple of the big guns Al Anthony and Colin Donnelly on the start line, which made this low key race more intresting. Being so hot there was plenty of taps aff (men only) 
myself and Lucas lead the field at the start with a quick pace, the ground was very dry but there seemed to be some slippy bogs to watch out for. Far too quick a start for me, I eased back a bit and settled into a more comfortable heavy breathing state. Doing the race last year, I knew what was to come as you think you are at the top then there's more, then more, then more. I was struggling a bit and had to walk some parts, last time I ran all the way but I think the heat was having an effect.  Lucas started to slow down a bit and I passed him climbing up. I sat in behind James Callender and passed him, then let Iain Stewart pull me up, towards the summit. Nearing the top, Colin Donnelly was well ahead at the turn, gliding passed me with ease. I was 5th to the top.  The race then starts with a long hard hammer back to the finish, where places can be lost or gained, depending how much you have left from the climb. I shouted 'keep digging' at Lucas who was still going up but he looked well shot. Iain was too quick for me on the decent and pulled away. Nearing the finish, my legs were turning that jelly way and I held onto 5th, or so I thought until the bare chested, James from Westerlands passed me with a few metres to go.  I was happy with 6th, which was a minute and a half slower than last years time. Lucas finishing well down the field, not his usual self and maybe gave up a bit in the heat.  Turns out Colin got a bit mixed up on where the finish was and went off course a bit to lose the race he was winning easily. 

Results and race action below.

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