Wednesday 20 August 2014

Moorfoot Seniors Tuesday night training - Meet at 6.30pm at Kingsmeadows Car Park, Peebles

I've started a Seniors training session every Tuesday night, meeting at 6.30pm at Kingsmeadows Car Park in Peebles. With winter drawing in please bring a torch as it is getting dark by the end.

The session will based on standard interval trainings that would fit in into a 10k / endurance training programme. I will look to mix up the routes and add in hills on alternate weeks.
A typical session would be warm up jog for about 10-15mins and them a set 3 to 5 intervals  x 3 - 6 min intervals at running hard but not flat out with rest in between of about half the effort time. Then a decent warm down after. The whole session will take about an hour I expect.
The efforts will always be done on time (I'm bringing a whistle) so that we will regroup after each one, so therefore it should accommodate all speeds.
Everyone is welcome. Feel free just to turn up, but if you want to let me know that you are coming or ask any questions then just email or give me a call.
I hope to see you any week that you fancy.
Colin Williams
M: 07712 259 603
colin.m.williams (at)

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Rich B said...

Hi, sounds good. If i don't make next Tuesday I should be there the following. Looking forward to joining in.. Rich.