Thursday, 1 December 2011

Product Testers Required

Local runner Chris Blackwood has been in touch in his official work capacity, asking if there would be any Moorfoot Runners interested in being product testers for clothing fabric company 'Gore'.

Here's what is required:

Willing to come in for 2 face to face meetings January and April [at Livingstone]
Willing to sign NDA and return garment at end of trial
Access to internet and willing to input data and answer online survey every 2 weeks
Activity for minimum 8 hrs per week
Activity includes – running (road or fell), biking, trail hiking
Activities excluded: rock climbing, hunting, off-trail hiking
Backpack is OK, but must be less than 20 lbs.

Anyone interested should contact Karen McClure [details below]

Karen McClure
NPD Associate
WL Gore & Associates

Simpson Parkway
Kirkton Campus
EH54 7BH

Tel: 01506 678 254

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