Saturday, 17 December 2011

Simonside Cairns Race

I crossed the line yesterday [11-Dec] to do the Simonside Cairns Race. Ice had made the rocky path along the Simonside ridge dangerous so we ran an alternative route round the back of the ridge and back through forest tracks. This made it more of a trail than a hill race. Wooden boardwalks across the boggiest bits of the moor were slimy and treacherous - a guy fell in front of me and split his head open - I jumped over him and didn't lose much time. Shortly after half way the route went into a particularly dark bit of forest - you had to wait for the eyes to adjust to see the next marker - suddenly we ran into a hollow lit with christmas tree lights and the sound of Slade's Merry Christmas . Nobody there, was it a halucination? No the sound of the generator gave it away.

A good race in a nice part of England. Unlimited soup and coffee after plus a bottle for 2nd V50, not bad for the £5 entry.

Results here:

Cheers. Russell

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