Saturday, 14 March 2009

Moorfoot Club Trail Race - Cardrona 15-March

Updated: - runners and riders with final start times (13-March) now confirmed - remember to give yourself ~15mins to get from the Cardrona Village Hall to the start line in the forest, and bring a jacket to keep warm before and after.

Mike P 10:00:00
Mrs McLeod 10:07:12
Jock 10:07:12
Alison 10:07:12
Dave 10:08:48
Richard 10:08:48
Rhoda 10:12:00
Andrew 10:13:30
Trevor 10:14:00
Rachael 10:15:00
Mick 10:15:36
Paul 10:15:36
Julia 10:16:48
Johnny 10:18:36
Russell 10:19:12
Colin 10:20:24
Kenny 10:20:24
Aegir 10:20:24
Mark 10:21:00
Steve 10:22:48
Darin 10:24:48
Mike M 10:24:48
James 10:26:00

The first of the club handicap trail races organised by James Britton is at Cardrona on Sunday 15-March, meeting at Cardrona Village Hall at 9:45am; the start line is about 10 mins warmup from here.
(See earlier post - click here)

Please indicate if you are planning to participate by posting a 'Comment'* providing your name and a fairly recent 10K time such that James can work out your handicap in advance.
(Those who have run in the recent Borders XC series will have their handicaps calculated from their race times)

It's a fun event, so let's see if we can get a good turn-out and make it a good social event as well as a good run.
The distance is about 6 miles and the course is mainly on the forest roads, so there are no special footwear requirements (standard road trainers will be fine)

There are two further races planned, probably in May (Glentress ?) and June (John Buchan Way ?), so keep watching the blogger for more details.

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Kenny Davidson said...

Kenny Davidson - 10K time ~39min

Johnny Hall said...

Johnny Hall - 10k time 43:00 (Buchlyvie 10k Jan 2008).

Russell said...

Russell - haven't run a 10k for years. Use Borders XC times.