Monday, 2 March 2009

Moorfoots at High Cup Nick Fell Race (near Penrith)

On Saturday I did the High Cup Nick fell race in Dufton near Penrith.
The route sends you up the valley culminating in a short scramble before you come out on the plateau and follow the Pennine Way down and back

The results are here (I know the organiser, hence the familarity in the results.)
I came 36th out of 141 covering the 9 mile course (1,500 ft ascent) in 1hr 17.52

It's a good race with a friendly feel - perhaps deserves a trip from a Moorfoots contingent next year?

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Johnny Hall said...

Nice one, well done. That's a shame I didn't know about that, I'd quite like to have done it (though I raced Glentress on Sunday and might not have gotten permission to race twice!).