Sunday, 22 March 2009

Moorfoots at the Traquair Mighty Deerstalker

Darin Dougal , Mike McGovern and Colin Williams joined another ~1200 runners in the local Mighty Deerstalker 'adventure' race at Traquair on Saturday evening.

Conditions were near perfect (certainly for the spectators) as 'roving reporter' arrived at the 'pond' next to the Innerlethen mountain bike car park only to see the slowest of the 1200 pack disappear into the forest and miss the spectable of the pond crossing.

After an ascent and descent of Caddonbank, the lead runners reappeared at the foot of the Leithen Burn, where Darin was up to third place and Mike only a few minutes behind; Colin appeared shortly afterwards well up the race and certianly in the top 20.

After ascending Pirn Craig, some scree traversing, more ascent/descent, some further river wading and a bit of river bank single track, the runners were back at the Innerleithen Bridge for the double drainage tunnel submersion (waste deep water, muddy bank exit) before the final mile back to Traquair House for the finish.

Don't know the final results yet but looked like a team prize (Colin, Darin and one of Colin's pals) could have been on the cards and certainly a strong showing from all of the Moorfoot participants...
Update - the Deerstalker results are out.
Darin 3rd,
Mike 7th
Colin 12th

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