Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Sunday Run - 31-May

It's another month with five Sundays in it so we have an extra Sunday for training - wooh hoo !

Current suggestion is for a run over the hills from Eddleston to Innerleithen.
(something like up the road by Eddleston School to Cardon Law, Dunslair Heights, Leithen Door Hill, Black Knowe, Lee Pen, Innerleithen....)

Further details to follow...keep tuned to the blogger for details if you are interested in joining....

** Update **
Meeting place Horseshoe Inn Eddleston at 1000am. (Bus leaves Peebles at Post Office at 0950 and arrives at Eddleston at 1002).
ETA in Innerleithen probably between 1230 and 1300.

Lift back to Peebles available...

Hot day forecast so bring some water and plenty of sun screen....

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