Monday, 11 May 2009

Moorfoot Runners Weekend Round-up

What a difference a day makes - Saturday was reminiscent of a Winters day, with heavy rain, a strong, cold wind and snow on the mountains. Sunday returned the more Spring-like weather we were beginning to get used to for May...

Johnny Hall picked Saturday and headed north to the Ben Lomond Hill Race - sounded like touch and go whether the race would get to the summit - 1'30" (35th place) looks like a very reasonable time and placing for what were atrocious conditions.

Wull, Darin, Mike, Steve and Julia picked Sunday and headed south to the Muckletoon Doctors Race in Langholm, over a hilly eight mile course.

Wull won the race, with almost a minute's gap to the next runner, in 46'14".
Darin and Mike finished together in 48'16", Darin being given the nod for fifth place over Mike's sixth place.
Steve wasn't far behind in tenth place on 50'58" (and first prize in the 'medical employee' category - he's a secret brain surgeon...) and Julia managed a podium place finishing third lady in 55'37".

Further afield on Sunday, Alison Caw was taking part in the Dunfermline Half Marathon, coming home in a very respectable 1hr 43mins.

Gypsy Glen Race on Wednesday night - see you there....

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