Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Moorfoots on Jura

Following on from last weeks 'islands' theme, Johnny and Russell were out West again at the Paps of Jura Race.

Johnny and I ran in the Jura Hill Race on Saturday. The weather had been great when I arrived on Friday with all 7 tops clear - blue sky and sunshine all round.The rain set in early on Saturday morning with cloud down to maybe 250 or 300 m and stayed that way almost all day. Everyone found the conditions tough and nearly everyone got a bit lost between the first and second tops. Johnny shrugged off his recent ankle sprain, took the poor weather and difficult navigation in his long stride and had a very good run, finishing in about 5 hr 30 m.I started OK, like most people got a bit lost near the second top but was doing OK up until the fifth top (Beinn an Oir). I dropped down off the summit ridge too soon and missed the saddle leading to the next top (Beinn Shiantaidh). I ended up lost in the mist and had to go down to below cloud level to find where I was. That meant a long, steep ascent to get back on course for the summit of Beinn Shiantaidh. I managed to finish in 6 hr 13 m, 128th out of the 150 finishers.

More details and results on the SHR website

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