Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Moorfoots at Edinburgh Marathon

While we were all basking in the Sunday heat and enjoying our barbeques, 16 thousand runners were pounding the tarmac from Edinburgh to Musselburgh in the 2009 Edinburgh Marathon...it wasn't a 'picnic' for everyone though as Colin Williams reports:

"..I had a shocker and I’m [not] totally sure why, but I don’t think it was the heat, as when I did the 20 miles Edinburgh > North Berwick 4 weeks ago it was similar conditions.
I was struggling to comfortably hold pace from about 7 miles, went through halfway at 1.30:40 but after that things started to get messy. I started dropping about 15 secs a mile after that and then 30sec and then a minute so I went through 20 miles 7 minutes down on the time I did for Edinburgh > North Berwick and feeling terrible, and then my legs spasmed and locked solid in cramp at 22 miles. I managed to stretch against the harbour wall and set off at a waddle but the last 4 miles was a mixture of shuffle, cramp, stop and walk - I even had to stop 150m from finish and stretch against the railings as the cramp in my legs were in agony. My final time was 3.31 I think.

I have never had such a bad experience running, and this is my 5th marathon (and I’ve done a 43 mile ultra too) and I’m not sure what went wrong as I was never really comfortable at the pace, but I clearly was 4 weeks ago. I’ve had a busy time since then moving house (I’m still unpacking) and with work so maybe I just wasn’t properly rested, but you live and learn! I think I will have to put this down to experience, although I certainly feel I have unfinished business with the marathon..."
Well done also to Moorfoot Walter 'Wattie' Barrie who completed the course in 4:00:23 ....

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Billy Dickson said...

The heat certainly didn't help much that's for sure, I managed an ok time, I was hoping for a PB but the weather kind of stopped that.

Still, I managed an ok time of 3:23 not a PB but pretty close.

I recent joined Moorfoot Runner in January, not been to many of the Sunday runs due to having to train for a Marathon (Not surpringly), not been to any of the training sessions because I work in Edinburgh and can't get back in time. Such is life, will hopefully managed to meet up with you guys after September when I'm hoping to get a good time in the Berlin Marathon.

All the best, see you in October some time.