Friday, 19 June 2009

Moorfoots at Lauderdale Limpers Two Pubs Race

This was a great little mid-week race with a very successful format, where 84 runners participated across the full running spectrum of joggers to racers.

We registered in Lauder, and were then bussed up to Oxton for the start and the run back to Lauder over a 4.6 mile 'multi terrain' course (road, hill, railway, pavement)
Handicaps were allocated based on 10K times, and runners set off in reverse order (slowest to fastest).

Jock was first Moorfoot home on handicap in ninth position (39.12) with Dave not far behind in 35.87 for twelth place.

Miles further back, Mike and Kenny finished in 39th (28.20) and 32nd (29.21) respectively (both top 10 on scratch time..)

I calculated that I actually had to overtake 46 runners to get from my starting position (78th) to my finishing position (32nd) - likewise Mike, who started last, overtook 35 runners...

A good, fun, not too serious race format with a nice buffet and free drink at the end....I think we'll be back !

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