Sunday, 10 January 2010

Moorfoot AGM - Summary

An excellent turnout to the AGM on Friday given the weather conditions.

Key points:

  • President -Mike Pearson will retain this role through 2010 before passing over the reigns to this years Vice President

  • Vice President - Mike McGovern

  • Secretary/Treasurer - these were formally two roles but will now be integrated into a single position - Kirsty Davidson

  • Captain - Kenny Davidson (main role to organise training - for team races we will appoint captain(s) as necessary for specific races - eg. we have James, Johnny and Mick as team captains for the Moorfoot A, B and C teams respectively at the forthcoming Devil's Burdens Hill Race Relays)

  • 10K organiser - TBC - committee meeting to be scheduled for Friday 22-Jan to discuss this years Moorfoot hosted races - in particular whether we make a change to the race format of the Beltane 10K (eg. road vs trail)

  • Confirmation of 2010 fees TBC - main discussion around junior fees and fee structure for families such that fee covers Scottish Athletics levies for each named person in a 'family'

  • Training - some very good discussion and ideas about how we can better cater for a wider range of runners at Moorfoot training sessions, particularly on the Sunday runs.

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