Sunday, 24 January 2010

Moorfoots at Devils Burdens

Pic1 - Julia and Rachael on Leg 3
Pic2 - Moorfoot supporters on Leg4
Pic3 - wait for me ! Colin and Mike Reid on Leg3
The Moorfoots fielded three teams at this years Devil's Burdens Hill Race Relays, hosted by Fife AC.
Conditions were good as the race started, with only small patches of snow nearer the tops and a cloud base high enough not to affect navigation.
The 'A' Team recorded a very creditable 7th* place (2:41) in a field of 120 teams, and a one point were up a high as 4th after Leg2.
The 'B' Team finished in 38th place (3:11) and the 'C' team were 92nd (3:48)
Well done to all the runners, drivers and logisticians - feedback appears to be that everyone enjoyed the day, and although the nature of relay races includes a bit of 'hanging about', it was a good chance to socialise (there were several 'I know your name but I've never met you' moments...) and catch up....
Full results here...
Pictures here....
Appears to be enough interest for some future relay races, so let everyone know if there are any in particular we can field future Moorfoot teams at.....
* - technically 6th place now, after disqualification of Edinburgh Uni for fielding only a single runner on Leg 3

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