Sunday, 14 November 2010

Moorfoots at Tinto

Some changes to the ever popular Tinto Hill race this year, with the pre-entry closed at the 250 limit some weeks before the race, and the mandatory kit check enforced (well, it is a hill race in November after all...). But other than than that, the same brutal, up the hill, straight back down again...

The top was free of cloud, but is was decidedly chilly at the pre-start (much of the 'full body cover' being worn rather than carried), and the ground was staturated after the recent wether making for slippery conditions particularly lower down the hill.

Tom Hobbs led the Moorfoot charge, home in 36:09 for a very creditable 13th place.
After a bit of a struggle on the way up, Kenny picked up some places on the lower slopes to record a personal Tinto course best of 41:54 and 65th place.
Julia ascended strongly as ever, reaching the summit around the 30 min mark but by her own admission, struggled a bit coming down....but still manged a time 30 secs faster than her last Tinto outing, finishing in 46:56 and 155th place.
Brian Hood conquered the hill in 52:01, putting in another strong run and getting more race experience ahead of the Borders XC series.

Full results here...

Two weeks to go now until the first Borders XC race at Gala - a hilly one, and almost guaranteed to be muddy - see you there...

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