Sunday, 28 July 2013

Ice Cream Run - the Magnificent Seven

"No Gregor, you can't take the big ice cream home with you !!"
On a day where Nikwax was a more appropriate application than sun cream (yes, it chucked it down for the whole run!), seven hardy Moorfoot souls made it down the new Peebles Innerleithen path for their Caldwell's ice cream.

Colin make it into a personal epic, running from Innerliethen to Peebles over the hills before the Peebles-Innerleithen path leg; Lucus ran Cardrona - Peebles, Peebles-Innerleithen, Innerleithen-Cardrona; Lucy, Euan, Brian and Gregor did the more conventional Cardrona-Innerleithen-Cardrona and Kenny did the regular Peebles-Innerleithen-Peebles route.

Well done to all - one I'm sure we will repeat again on a nice day !
Plenty of ice cream kitty left for the next time !!!

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