Sunday, 6 March 2016

Craig wins the Borders Marathon at Kelso

Craig Rendle has the club place for the London Marathon in April and is looking to improve on his 2.59 PB and has been training hard. Craig only spotted the Hastings Borders Marathon in Kelso (the only accurately measured marathon in the Borders) this week and decided to use it as his long run instead of the 22 mile road run he had planned. The race consists of a 23.5 x 1.11 mile laps of hard packed dirt track at Kelso Racecourse.

Craig hadn't tapered at all and the marathon took him to over 60 miles for the week so started at a sensible pace with aim of settling into a 7 minute mile pace once he was warmed up and into his running. This all went to plan and went through half way at about 1hr 32mins. Craig picked up the pace a little in the second half and found himself in 2nd place with about 4 miles to go and put in a couple a quicker miles to catch and pass the leader in the next two miles and finished in 3 hrs 2 mins.
Route here:
Not bad for a training run and looking rosy for a good PB in London in 8 weeks. Well done.

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