Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Sports Relief Challenge - Philiphaugh to Haystoun

As a way of getting involved in Sports Relief - and to assist a very charitable daughter make a donation to a worthy cause, I offered, on Friday night, to run - at a per-mile donation fee - from Selkirk to Peebles on Sunday past.

I planned to join the start of 'Feel the Burns' with the start of 'The Two Breweries' - heading down to Traquair at the turning point on FTB - linking up to the initial climbs on TTB and taking a route from the bottom of Birks Hill up on to Kirkhope Law and back along by Gypsy Glen to Peebles - Roughly 19 miles.

From Brown Knowe with The Eildons in the distance 

It was a good day for it and I felt fine until hitting the tarmac on the run past Traquair House. At this point the upper thighs started to complain. A slight change of pace and a few bars of chocolate and I was feeling good again - until the nasty climb up to Kirkhope Law.

Over the top and on to the undulating section above Kailzie and then a welcome long finish downhill to Glen Road.

An enjoyable run and maybe one for a club weekender? Half to Traquair or the full to Peebles??

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