Monday, 20 March 2017

Call for ideas to improve Moorfoot Runners + Senior Club Run volunteers for 2016

We are keen to what you the membership think about the club, and how we can grow and improve the club from a senior member perspective. Please feel free to respond to Colin by email this week or come along with some thoughts to the AGM on Friday night. I'd like your thoughts on:

How do you think we can improve the club? Are there things that you would you like do more of and less of?

We are hoping to get more club runs / activities at the weekends - Can you organise or assist in some way?
My hope is that at least once a month we will have a club activity. Here is a link to a calendar for the rest of year that shows local and major weekend races that would be better to avoid if possible, but are you happy to help or lead a run on one day in a year. The weekend runs can be simply a favourite route you do and need not be anything special. Then again if you fancy do something more then go for it.

For instance I intend to do another InnerleithenHandicap in Caberston forest as I have a few times:
John Buchan Way runners 2015
Previous examples and other suggestions -
  • John Buchan Way, Broughton to Peebles
  • Kailzie and Cardrona Forest loop
  • Cross Borders Drove Route, West Linton to Hawick in stages
  • Minch moor from Inners
  • Glentress, than cake in the cafe
  • Eddleston loop and Mapa Scotland from Barony Hotel
  • Glen Estate inc Loch Eddy from Inners or Traquair
  • Peebles - Lyne Station and Cademuir loop
  • SUW to 3 brethren from Inners or Walkerburn
  • Walkerburn Glenbenna loop
  • Windlestraw Law from Inners or Walkerburn
  • Inners to Peebles by GT or bikepath + Caldwells Ice Cream (or vice versa)
These are simply ideas, and written by me some are quite long and Innerleithen-centric, so don't be put off or feel restricted if you have something else in mind.

I look forward to hearing from potential volunteers and any thoughts about to how the club can best cater for its members.

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