Thursday, 30 March 2017

Moorfoot AGM report

The AGM took place on Friday night and here is a summary:
  • Special thanks given to Gregor Nicholson for his ongoing commitment and continued support as Junior Team Manager and Head Coach.
  • Alan McDonald gave the Presidents Report an overview of club activities for the year. Thanks for the efforts of members in supporting the club in the organising of the: Gypsy Glen Hill Race; Cademuir Roller Coaster; Peebles XC.
  • Many and varied achievements by club members over the year. Particular senior highlights of Andy Cox winning the Scottish Borders Hill Race Series,
  • Colin Williams drew attention to the stand out performances by Scout Adkin of being the Scottish Athletics Hill Running Champion 2016.
  • Online presence = New website, thanks Alan Elder, over 70,000 hits on the blogger, facebook and Strava groups set up.
  • Noticeable increase in regular senior Tuesday night trainers often hitting double figures
  • Eddie Balfour gave the Treasurers Report. The club has a healthy cash position. Membership was at an all time high of 108 = 67 Juniors + 41 Adults. The Junior membership has more than doubled over the last 6 years. 
  • The club will start using EntryCentral to manage our club membership payment process, with the fees the same as last year - £15 seniors / £10 juniors / £20 couple/families.
  • Full details on membership payment via EntryCentral to be circulated shortly.
  • Gregor gave a summary of the Junior section of the club which continues to grow in size and had some outstanding performances over the year. Lots of medals of all sorts! Special thanks to Brian Hood and other helpers for assistance. Can always use more assistance - Winter Tuesday group runs also c.40 regulars, sometimes over 50! Please contact Gregor if able to help.
The committee members were voted back into position.
• Alan McDonald (President)
• Eddie Balfour (Treasurer)
• Colin Williams (Secretary)
• Mike Pearson (Welfare Officer)
• Gregor Nicholson (Juniors / Coaching)
• Alan Elder – General Committee Member
 The Committee was delighted to welcome two new roles
• Alex Nisbet - Woman’s Captain - to help promote and represent female membership.
• Lucy Colquhoun - Social Secretary – to help us be more social
Followed by an nice meal in Franco's

Scout Adkin before winning the Scottish Athletics Hill Running Champion 2016 at the Eildons
with Lucas, Andy and Alan


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