Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Andrew Dancer wins at Kielder Dark Skies Runs

Andrew Dancer has been at it again - this time winning at Kielder Dark Skies run ( where he raced twice in two nights back to back in the dark and recorded the fastest combined time and set a new course record too. The two events are stand alone races both selling out with 400 entries. Saturday Night was 26.5 miles, with Andrew finishing in 3hr 16 (6th) and backed it up on Sunday night with another 14 miles - 1hr 45 (6th) . Andrew wasn't the only one commited (bonkers?) enough to do the double and 40 runners did both but Andrew's combined time of 5hr 02mins for over 40 miles put him half an hour ahead of 2nd. Huge congratulations, and I hope he has a good rest now!
Andrew also holds the course record for the 26.5 mile race (on it's own) which he won last year, when not doubling up.

The Dark Skies Run @ Kielder Double results here:
Maybe Andrew is in there!

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