Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Paul Nichol's Manchester Marathon run on 8th April

Here's Pauls report after another very solid and well measured run:

I ventured down to Manchester on Saturday to run my Spring Marathon. I decided to do this one because I didn't get a London Place and there was no way I was running Blackpool :)
Well organised race with good transport links to and from the start / finish. The only strange thing is that there is no organisation into pens at the start. There was a mixture of runners and family supporters in the start pens which I have never seen before. The course is flat and good for a PB. It's a mixture of running on dual carriage and what felt like housing restates (Coronation Street stereotype). It one of those races where you pass people coming back which can be a bit disconcerting. I'd had knee / hip problems took the first half easy. Because I started about 5 minutes after the gun went off I was in the unusual position of passing lots of people throughout the race which is good mindfulness. I finished in 3.41 and ended up in the top 30% overall and 80th out of 300 for age. One to do again if London does not call. Results in the link (nearly managed a -ve split for the first time ever). Also you can see the pain etched on my face at the finish. Get the clock at 3.47.
Also attached are the obligatory before and after photos with one of what is the hugest burger ever.

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