Monday, 2 April 2018

Colin at the John Muir Way Ultra Marathon 50km

I saw this race last year as part of the Foxtrail series ( and entered on a whim back in October as so many races seem to fill up so quickly and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

It's a 50km/31mile race from Port Seton on the East Lothian coast to Foxlake Adventure Centre just west of Dunbar. The terrain is mixed with spells of tarmac as you pass through the villages, farm roads, dirt trails, bare field edges, a section of beach running and red gravel path that covers stretches of the John Muir Way. 

The photos and video on the website from last year looked lovely but unfortunately the weather on the day didn’t behave with a strong head / cross head wind the whole way, some increasingly heavy rain and 4 degrees. I wore tights and started the race with a waterproof jacket which I didn't take off the whole way and I never done that before even in Feel the Burns and snow blizzards! The rain in the days leading up meant that there were some very muddy and squelchy sections (but frustrating flat) that sapped your strength particularly near the end.

The results are here they have issued them separately for men and women. The winner did 3:50:56, and I finished, with great relief, 25 minutes back in 4:15:40 9th overall (8th man) out of 169 finishers.

Me being an imposter on the podium - just happy to finish!
Someone kindly posted a bit of video of me running here - I don't think I'm going to scaring Usain or Mo anytime soon!!

My finishing position was better than it felt as although I had a decent enough run my pace definitely tailed off a lot more than I had hoped. The race started in three waves only a minute or so apart to ease congestion as you get onto some narrow paths along Seton sands about a mile into it and I started in the second wave so never really knew how many were ahead of me.

It was a very well organised and put together race with loads of marshals. It mainly followed a picturesque course with lots of little points of interest along the way and on a nice day would have been rather nice!

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