Friday, 4 May 2018

London Marathon 2019 Ballot for entry closes today at 5pm Friday 4th

The ballot for entry for the London Marathon on 28 April 2019 is only open for five days and closes on today at 5pm. Apologies for the late notice - I didn't seen to get the email this year
Details here: Ballot Entry

It is the premier marathon in Britain and a real experience for everyone I know who has taken part.

The club is guaranteed a place each year but it order to be fair there is policy in place to allocate it. the following factors are considered:
> Have they been a member for more than 12 months
> Have they been not been awarded the club place in the previous 2 years
> Have they unsuccessfully tried to enter via the ballot and not eligible for a good for age place , or championship entries (for real speed merchants) which both open later in the year

So this is a heads up for anyone wanting to enter London

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