Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Training update - New weekly sessions on Thursday 7pm & Tuesday extra pick up at 6.35pm at PHS

Starting on this Thursday 10th May there will another weekly training session for the senior membership.

Meeting Place Thursdays, 7pm, Kingsmeadows Car Park in Peebles

Activity – Warm up before and cool down after,  with an approx 20 -30 minute handicap, a continuous effort where the slower runners set off earlier and the faster runners later and hopefully everyone finishes at a similar time. The idea is it will be fun, while providing good training.
Every month the following routes will be used:

Run Leader (may change if people are unavailable)
1st Thurs
Glentress Green Route. 4km, 75m climb, 50m descent https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_4179937.html 
Amy Alcorn
2nd Thurs
Bikepath Eshiels > Cardrona (Nashy's Carpark) rtn. 6km, flat https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_4733897.html
Andrew Dancer
3rd Thurs
Cademuir Rollercoaster. 6km Route, 300m of climb (or simplified) https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_4447418.html or
Lucy Colqhoun / Craig or Katie Walling
4th Thurs
Tweedside 'Peebles XC' simplified route. 3.5km, 125m climb https://gb.mapometer.com/running/route_4733913.html
Alan Elder / Paul Nichol
5th Thurs (when it happens)
Special Surprise
Dave Gaffney

The handicapping will be pretty basic where people tell the leader their 5km time and then sets off in that order and its all a bit of a guess, which will hopefully get more refined with time!
It will be low key and the run leader will not be responsible to keep any times so keep your own time if you want to record it - the run leader will be running it too.

The Thursday night session coordinator is Paul Nichol so please direct any queries directly to him jpanichol@gmail.com
Tuesday Training – Peebles High School Sports Centre pick up 6.35pm

We are keen to encourage more members and parents to join in the Tuesday evening session with the seniors and to make it more inclusive for runners of all abilities, and hopefully less intimidating.
The seniors group will swing by PHS at 6.35pm each Tuesday so that any parents who have dropped off their off-spring for junior training can join in.

Colin (colin.m.williams@talk21.com) is the main lead and assures you that they will cater for different abilities.  A typical session consists of 10-15mins warm up, then a set 3 to 5 intervals x 2-5 min intervals with rest in between of about half the effort time and regrouping after each one, followed by a decent warm down. The efforts will always be done on time, rather than distance, to accommodate all speeds and everyone gets equal rest. Whilst some will use this as a hard interval session, because it is based on timed intervals, you can choose to run at whatever pace or effort suits you, and to dip out or finish whenever.
Feel free to join in. Just be ready to run 6.35pm at the entrance to the new sports hall at PHS.

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