Sunday, 20 March 2011

Run the John Buchan Way - Sunday 10-April the John Buchan Way from Broughton to Peebles.

Plan would be to meet at the Gytes in Peebles, for 9:30am (note, earlier start than usual !), share the minimum number of cars we can to drive up to Broughton (start from Broughton Place) - then run back, in one two or however many 'packs' - stopping off at the Davidson house(52 Edderston Road, Peebles) for a cup of tea and a cake on the way back to the Gytes.

Assuming we get running for shortly after 10:00, we should be back in Peebles by 12:30, even at a sociable pace. (13 miles, 10 min-mile pace, ~2hrs +)

For those who have left their cars at Broughton from the start, we'll arrange a driver to transport you back for collection of your vehicals.

Drop me (Kenny) a note if you are interested, so we can get an idea of numbers.

Sound too long ? We can arrange a 'Half Buchan' (Stobo to Peebles) alternative if there is interest, perhaps starting slightly later such that the Full Buchan runners can merge with you on the way back...

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