Sunday, 22 May 2011

Edinburgh Marathon Report 22 May

I did the Edinburgh marathon, with an outside hope of breaking the big 3hr barrier. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, but I had a vast improvement on my disaster in 2009, and finished in 3.05:27 in 244th out of 6700 odd. It was an understatement to say it was windy and I wasn't able to use the tailwind on the way to build up a big enough buffer for the onslaught in the return leg. I was still hanging in there fairly well at about 21 miles but the energy I had used to stay on pace since the turn at mile 17 started to tell and I struggled the last five miles dropping about a minute a mile. I have a vivid memory at Prestonpans when we were greated with horizontal rain gusting at about 40 mph, thinking that it felt like someone had squashed me with an mattress and got on top!!

All in all I am happy with the performance and I will have to see if I have another crack one time. A banner I saw on the way round made me smile - "pain is temporary, 3hrs is for ever".

Cheers, Colin

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