Monday, 30 September 2013

BXC Series 2013/14 - do you have your pre-entry place ?

To restrict numbers in the increasingly popular Borders XC series, such that the series remains manageable for the host clubs, entries are pre-entry and online this year.
Host Clubs, including Moorfoots have been given early warning of this, but the word is now out and...

...the 2013/14 Borders XC series Senior entries are now full.

However, as a host club, we have been given a further opportunity for ten further members who have missed the online entry to get a place.

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a paid up member of the Moorfoot Runners for season 2013/14

  • Have entered the series on Entry Central and be on the waiting list

If you meet the conditions above and still want a place, complete the Doodle Pool at the link below by Thursday 3-October (midnight) and your name will be passed to the event organisers as one of the additional ten entries.

First come, first served....

Entry Central

Moorfoot Doodle Poll

Juniors, still some places left on Entry Central - please action immediately if you want a place in the series.

BXC 2013/24 Dates and Venues

3rd Nov  Lauder

17th Nov  Gala

1st Dec   Moorfoot

12th Jan  Norham at Paxton

26th Jan  Tweed Striders

16th Feb  Dunbar plus prize giving

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