Saturday, 21 September 2013

Tuesday Night "Winter" Group Runs from 24/9

Tuesday evening group runs recommence next week 24 September through to the end of March on the “winter loop” up Springhill Road, behind Spar, through Victoria Park and back along Kingsmeadows Road (c.1.2km). There will be runners of all ages and ability, including some mums and dads running as “guards”. We'll start with simple easy conversation pace running for as long as you can manage - between 3 laps for the youngest (aged 9 going on 10) up to 10 laps for the likes of Jacob and Lucas and any seniors. A few weeks in we'll introduce some fartlek and a few further weeks later we'll occasionally use the Frankscroft loop. Meet ready to run at 6.30pm at Kingsmeadows car park. It won't be dark for the first few weeks but you are still encouraged to wear something light/bright. 

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