Friday, 6 September 2013

Moray Marathon Moorfoots - 2013

Two intrepid Moorfoots (Barry and me) plus one wanabee (Martin) ventured North for the Moray Marathon. 

On arriving in Elgin we played hide the bottle which is game based on making sure that you have enough of the type of hydration and gels that you want throughout the race. This is predicated on the fact that you can find the stuff after you have hidden in and needing to remember locations like 1m NE of the sign in the 7th lay by on the Elgin Rd. Needless to say as a person of age who finds it difficult to navigate at the best of times I did not play that game as I would have wasted money on drinks never to be found. Barry did manage to leave a drink on the course. 

We all travelled in the hop of PB's but came away with none. We blamed the wind – not us but the course – all was relatively ok until mile 25 where we hit the wall of wind which was only compensated for by mile 26 going down hill

I finished in 3.23.41 (24s outside my PB), Barry finished in 3.35.26 and Martin finished in 3.45.30

This is one of the most picturesque road races going through some of the most beautiful countryside in Scotland. I would recommend it ~ but not on a windy day :(

-- J. Paul Nichol

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