Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Bridge Inn First Friday Summer Series - Event#6 Friday 6-September

Ding (1), Dong (2), Ding (3)...etc....Ding (7)....GO!!!
The final event in our The Bridge Inn First Friday Summer Series  (TBIFFSS) on Friday 6-September.

It's a fast and furious 1 lapper for both Seniors and Juniors around the Three Bridges course - could be time for some of these up and coming Juniors to take a few senior scalps...or perhaps some of the 'old timers' will demonstrate a bit of leg speed....

Usual all know it by now....

Registration (only for new runners in the series or for general enquiries) from 6:15pm under the north arch of the Tweed Bridge - runners from previous races, just turn up with your number on the start line for 7:00pm.
The race starts on the seventh strike of the Parish Church bells.

There will be a short prize giving after the last runner is over the line.

Prizes for :
  • first Senior Male (best combined 1lap + 2lap times) 
  • first Senior Female (best combined 1lap + 2lap times) 
  • first Junior Male (best 2x combined 1lap times)
  • first Junior Female (best 2x combined 1lap times)
Some spot prizes also, so keep your race numbers handy at the end !!!

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