Monday, 12 August 2013

Cademuir Club Handicap - Sunday 18-August -The Wham Bam Rollercoaster

Cademuir Club Handicap - Sunday 18-August -"The Wham Bam Rollercoaster"
Update 12/8 - now with course maps
3K map
6K map
Maps are represenations only - please follow signage and instructions of marshalls on the day !!

Hopefully you already have the date for this club handicap race in your diaries - looking for a big club turn out for a wee bit of a fun race....

Some further details:

3K route
For Juniors and any seniors wanting to participate in a shorter race - using some John Buchan Way path, a bit of a tough climb (short but sharp) before a big long roller coaster down hill to the finish (wee hoo!)
Min age 11 (by 31-Dec-2013) - no upper age limit !!

6K route
Seniors (min age 15 by 31-Dec-2013) - more climbing on this one and a big figure of eight; some John Buchan Way path on the way out, a real testing climb up to the summit of Cademuir Hill, before descending back down to the JBW and then picking up the 3K course back from the 'tough climb' bit above.

Plan to start the 3K race at 11:00AM and the 6K at 11:30AM - meeting point will be on hill side adjacent to Tanta House on the JBW path.

It is a bit of fun - so looking for as many Moorfoots to turn up as possible - don't worry if you have to walk a few bits.
Spectators and marshals helpers also welcome !!!

There could be prizes....

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Gregor said...

If you are looking at these maps ahead of the 2014 race proper, please note that the Finish for both races will be c.200m further down the hill, roughly between the 6k and 3k starts on the maps.