Thursday, 8 May 2014

Andy Cox in action at Dumyat

Great midweek race, part of the bog and burn series , lots of racing snake uni youngsters on the start line,stayed dry during the race but hell o boggy and burn under foot, fast start to get through the little gap in the wall before a cue forms, steep climbing through woods then out onto the open hill, with a mostly runnable rocky slog to the top, round the cairn and very fast decent, seems I'm quicker going up than coming down, past by about 5 runners , but did claw back 2 only to be out sprinted by one of them again on the home stretch, would have beaten Sarah McCormacks 2012 time by one second ha!!!
Andy Cox

The results show Andy finished a very respectable 17th in 38.38 with the race won in 35.17

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