Monday, 27 February 2017

Lilliesleaf 10K

The Lilliesleaf 10k is a  low-key, community sports events with a strong focus on supporting local causes. The bulk of this event's takings supporting a local lad on his way to a Borders Exploration Group trip to Bolivia.

Conditions contained all the key ingredients needed to produce a pair of glaury, trauchled legs. Howling wind , driving rain and plethora of muddied hillsides polkadotted with sheep shank impressions - making it challenging to move forward with any urgency.

The route is a change from the last one I ran two years ago with this version seeming to contain much more in the way of climb. Initially, up to the top of the golf course, followed by a good downhill blast and then further slogging across a number of sheep-filled fields - almost all of an uphill nature.

A turn at the higher end is followed by a good charge on multi-puddled, firm farm roads which leads to an enjoyable downhill thrash. Feeling good with the end in sight, I am disappointingly directed headlong into the prevailing wind and rain with 1.5K to go! Slow motion running takes over until the wind is on my back and I feel I can pick up the pace - not so - as I am soon traversing more fields perforated by ovine toes. On a dry day, the runner in front would have been reachable - but not in this quagmire.

I ran round in 53.18 - A whole 11 seconds faster than my Friday night Glentress 10K!

Route Here

Top marshals and even topper soups and breads!

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