Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sports and Leisure Recreation Survey - opportunity to have your say!!

Peebles Community Council are looking for input from local sports club members into how to improve local recreation facilities.  If you have not yet contributed then  now is your chance - go to the Peebles Community Council Facebook page and complete the above survey (see entry dated  26 January).  It will only take a few minutes. it can be found at

They have had a reasonable number of responses, but could do with more to enhance credibility.

Issues which have been raised include - 
  1. opening hours at the Gytes (particularly for those working out of Peebles)
  2. poor maintenance of and lack of investment in existing facilities/ pitches (over many years/ decades)
  3. need for safer crossings of Innerleithen Rd for cyclists (both coming out of Whitstone Park and also in the vicinity of Glentress)
  4. outdoor ‘gym’, possibly in Victoria Park
  5. better places to run after dark, especially for juniors
 Please respond if you can spare a minute, and give support or otherwise to the above suggestions, or raise something completely different. 


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