Sunday, 12 February 2017

Wishing Mad Mads a Speedy Recovery

Madeline Collins (and mum and dad Helen and Pete) had a horsey experience to forget earlier this week when wee Mads took a horse kick to the stomach and then a nasty bang on the head when hitting the deck. She was tending to her own horse which another brute of a horse took exception to, lashing out with a hefty kick. Madeline's horse was nifty enough to side-step the incoming blow leaving Mads to take it full in the belly, then hitting her head on a rock. By all accounts the staff at the BGH said her strong core helped protect her from some of the blow so thumbs up for all the ab work she has done over the winter at our Monday indoor sessions at The Gytes. She is now recovering at home and although still very sore, dad Pete says that the National XC U13 Championships at Falkirk in two weeks time have not been ruled out. Best wishes for a good recovery Madeline.

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