Monday, 27 February 2017

Jacob to the Rescue

Not only did Jacob Adkin have an excellent run in the Nationals on Saturday but on arrival at Callendar Park, as he made his way in from the western reaches of the course, he came to the aid of an Under-17 runner who had just collapsed and conked out face down in the mud right in front of him. While all the other runners streamed past ignoring their fallen competitor, Jacob got the nearest marshal to radio for assistance, took off his jacket to keep the lad warm and stayed with him until the first aid guys arrived and took over. Seems the lad was ok in the end. However the same can't be said of Jacob's jacket which the first aiders got the lad to lie on in the mud while they treated him! Gold star for Jacob. Dry cleaners for his jacket.

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Burnie Caffs said...

He done well and well done!