Sunday, 26 September 2010

Moorfoots at the Two Breweries

Cold but clear conditions this year, with fantastic visibility from the tops in the northerly airstream sweeping over Scotland. This meant warm conditions on the southern lee slopes but chilly conditions on the tops and back down the north facing descents - pretty much an ideal hill running day.

James and Mike Reid, resplendent in his new Moorfoot vest, lead the Moorfoot charge - James picking up 10th place in 3hrs 13mins and good enough to be in amongst the 'beer' prizes; Mike, running his first Breweries, bagging a very creditable 3hrs 20mins (16th) - a time he will no doubt better now that he knows the course.

With a few of the Moorfoot Breweries regulars opting for the Norham 10K RR this year, the racing in the mid-pack runners was very competitive - Colin, Russell, Kenny and Julia all keeping visual contact for much of the race.
Kenny led at Birkscairn by a small margin, before Russell and Colin passed on the descent to Glensax. It was 'even-stevens' again at the top of Hundleshope, before some smart route finding gave Colin a lead over Stob Law pulling Russell with him. At Glenrath, Colin and Russell were out of sight, but Julia was still chasing hard keeping Kenny under pressure. At Stobo, Colin suddenly reappeared in the distance ahead on the long drag up to the base of Trahenna, and then at the very foot of Trahanna, Russell , Colin  and Kenny were reunited again (all very friendly...) and worked together up the wall-like (slight exaggeration there - ed.) slope. At the Trahenna top, Colin pulled away again, Russell stopped to do some contortions brought on by cramp and Kenny dug in deep. The gap closed again before on the final descent to Rachill Farm, Colin's free-fall descent opened up another 30 sec gap, which he held all the way along the final mile through the village to the finish (fighting cramp all the way !).

Colin 3hrs 35 mins (12 mins faster than 2009 !!)
Kenny 3hrs 35 mins and a wee bit (17mins faster than 2009 !!!)
Russell 3hrs 37 mins (5 mins faster than 2009 !!!) and age group 'beer' winner
Julia 3hrs 42 mins (some 25 mins faster than 2009 !!!!) and age group 'beer' winner

Final results here..
Loads of pics here...
Johnny's pics here....

Special thanks to the Moorfoot supporters en route - Jock at Howeford Farm; Johnny and Esme (start and finish); Kirsty, Eilidh and Mhairi (start and finish)

Also, another thank you to Pete and Elspeth Baxter and their team of marshalls and helpers, for what is one of the best hill races in the calendar, both en-race and apres-race.

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