Thursday, 16 September 2010

Wattie's Back !

Walter 'Wattie' Barrie, of the 'Ettrick Valley' Moorfoot chapter, has been back in action after a busy spring and summer on the farm...

"..just a short note to let you know I took part in the Hawick Half Marathon on Sunday 12th. Also there were Steve, Wull and Darren. Hawick is what is euphamistically known as an undulating course !!. I don't have the official results yet but Wull came in first in a time of 1 hr 19 mins followed by Darren [1:27] & Steve [1:33] with myself well back coming in at 1 hr 47.
My next race is the inaugural Kielder Marathon on the 17th October, they say its very scenic, maybe not if you are on your hands and knees !.

PS also did the Glasgow Half on the previous Sunday in a time of 1 hr 46. Bye for now !"

Well dome Wull on a Moorfoot win at Hawick, and good luck Wattie at Kielder !

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