Thursday 30 April 2009

Mid-week Training in Peebles

Pic - the start of the climb from the Gypsy Glen up towards Kailzie Hill
With the Gypsy Glen Hill Race under two weeks away (Wed 13-May), midweek training on Tuesday nights shifts to Peebles on Tuesday 5-May and Tuesday 12-May.

Training will start from the Gytes (Sports Centre) at 5:30pm.
Plan is to do a reconnaisance of the Gypsy Glen race route on the 5th and some grass track intervals at Whitstone Park/Kerfield on the 12th.

If we can get a decent turnout of Peebles based Moorfoots, we can see about doing some further Peebles mid-week sessions through May and June.

As ever, post your comments and feedback below.....

Sunday 26 April 2009

Moorfoots Glentress Trail Race - Report

Not to be outdone by some other race taking place in London today, The Moorfoots held its second club trail race at Glentress today. The race actually started and finished in Soonhope Valley on the edge of Peebles, but the route took in sections of Glentress, so was named as the 'Glentress' leg of the series.

James and Rachael planned and marked out another excellent course, and even managed to arrange some sunshine, a tail wind for the ascent, and a light cooling head wind 'breeze' for the long descent from Dunslair Heights.

Twenty two runners lined up at the start, with Chris "Mrs" McLeod leading the way, and James chasing the field home.

Warm dry conditions made for good conditions underfoot and some fast times, but it was Chris and Jock, the first two runners off, who held onto the lead and finished first and second, separated by only six seconds.

Mike McGovern stormed through the field, overtaking seventeen runners for his third place, but was still two minutes down on the first two home.

Well done to everyone who took part, and special mention again the Hilary and Rian for the time keeping, and Kirsty for the "oatie flapjacks"again....

Further trail race planned, possibly in June....flatter course mentioned....keep tuned to the blogger.....

Times and stuff at this link here...

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Moorfoots at Lochaber Marathon

Richard Leeson and Paul Nichol ventured up to Ft. William on 19th April for the Lochaber Marathon on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far ~ well it seemed that way anway. Richard was in an excellent support capacity as he broke his toe earlier in the year. Planned to do a 3.30 and set of well until mile 18 when things went pear shaped. Didn’t help that the race started at 11 and we were running in the mid day sun(mad dogs and athletes). Had to walk some of the way but I was in good company. I ran some of the way with a guy dressed in a Captain America outfit who it turns out was a sub 3 hour runner. He sped past me later when he took the suit off. The other guy in the photo (not Captain America de-robed) is going so slow that it makes me look almost hare-like. I drank two bottles of water at the last 2 water stations and it didn’t even touch the sides. Managed to come in 196th out of 493 so in the top half in time of 3.54. I am now looking for tips on running in the heat. All the advice is acclimatise beforehand ~ that will be right in Scotland in the winter. Now looking forward to the 3 bridges and the 10K.

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Peebles Beltane Sports Three Bridges Race

A local handicap race in front of the home crowds over a fast 3 mile course - good chance to show off these new Moorfoot Runners shorts and vests !!!

Sunday 3-May, Tweed Green Peebles - 2:00pm start.

Entry forms and details here....see you there !

Note - entries close 26-April so get your entries in quickly if you are planning to run....

Monday 20 April 2009

Moorfoot Handicap Trail Race - Glentress (Sunday 26-April)

Update from James on this coming weekends trail race - nominally 'Glentress' but starting at Soonhope(Peebles), just beyond the Beltane Studios building (east of Hydro Hotel) - be there for 10:00am....

(* - James came last because he stopped to help a runner who had fallen and broken their arm...Ed.)

After coming last* in Saturday's Scottish Hill Running Championship race at Screel I decided I needed to do some extra training so yesterday I ran round next Sunday's Glentress handicap route twice.
Here's a few more details of the course:-

We'll start about 400 yards behind the Peebles Hydro at the start of the "Holiday Village".

Probably just under 10km (about 6 miles). Although this course is shorter than the route at Cardrona given the amount of climbing involved I expect that this course will take people marginally longer with the fastest time being around 44mins.

These will be similar to those used at Glentress but I'll and make a couple of adjustments based on recent race results (especially my result on Saturday!). Also as this is a hilly course I'll give those of you that don't regularly run/race in the hills an extra time advantage.

The route
I'll mark the route with flour but there are a couple of points where you need to take extra care:-

Approach to Sheildgreen Centre:-Shortly after you enter the trees for the first time, the path forks, take the left hand fork. The path forks again in another 50 yards, this time take the right hand fork. At post no.25 take the left hand fork, run in front of the Sheildgreen Centre and then turn right towards the container adjacent to the Centre and then immediately left. From here follow the orange path past post numbers 24,23,22. You will come to a number of cross roads, at each one go straight on.

Approach to the mast at Dunslair Heights:-Once you reach post 21 turn right along the ridge. Here you can choose to take the winding mountain biker path or the more direct walkers path to the mast (as this is an uphill section you will be going faster than the mountain bikers and most of MTB'ers will be pushing their bikes anyway!).

The descent:-About 200m after the mast take the path on the right. From here continue to take the main path downhill until you reach post 14. Here you reach a 5 way junction, take the second right hand path down the grassy track, go straight across at the cross roads after 100m. From here follow the minor path down the steep grassy slope (marked as Peebles link on the attached map) until you reach the main track. From here turn left and retrace your steps to the finish.

We had a very good turn out for the Cardrona Trail Race - and I think everyone had a great time, so make sure you get this one in your calendar....

Moorfoots at Gala 10K

Perfect sunny, windless conditions, a flat course...many 'PBs' set at Sunday's Gala 10K (and I wasn't running....!!!)

Will and Darin were first Moorfoots home in 8th and 9th place in exactly the same time (34'43") with Will cutting the line a hair's breadth in front. Mike McGovern was close behind in 35'25" - a big improvement on his recent Dunbar 10K.
Colin William's recent marathon training paid dividends with a massive PB, home in 37'01" and Steve Martin showed a return to form with his 38'45".

Julia Conner picked up the Lady Vet's prize with her 42'53" and Alex Campbell ran confidently on return from injury with her 46'39" to scoop the Lady Junior prize - well done to the girls !!

Dave Wardman made a return to the racing scene coming home in 49'53" and Jock Douglas crossed the line in 53'16"

More details on the Gala Harriers website....

Sunday 19 April 2009

Johnny in Wales

I had a much better race than Clachnaben - finishing an unconfirmed 35th out of 104, in 1:44, over a similar distance to Clachnaben (where I was 2:02 and 91st out of 160). I ran well throughout, overtook a bunch of folks on the climbs and kept it together on the descents.

Full story here...

Cheers, Johnny

Moorfoots at Screel Hill Race

James and I ran in the second SHR counter, the short Screel Hill Race. Conditions were perfect, warm sunshine in the open but cooler in the forest - the route was about half and half. James' SHR championship jinx struck again - three quarters of the way round and well up in the field, he stopped to help the guy in front of him who was on the ground screaming in agony, having fallen and seriously injured himself. James stopped to help and that was his race over. The injured guy, Jon Ascroft of Carnethy was eventually airlifted off the hill to hospital with a suspected broken or dislocated arm. I had my best race this year, finishing 26th.

Report and results here



Sunday 12 April 2009

SHR Scottish Championships at Clachnaben

Russell Anderson and Johnny Hall travelled north for the first race in the SHR Scottish Championships at Clachnaben,on Saturday.

Johnny's report is below:

I've been out of action for most of the last 3 weeks with flu and then food poisoning but I was well enough to give the race a go. Hopefully, I've kicked my system into touch now with this very demanding race. For most of it though, I was wondering what I was thinking.Clachnaben is very, very tough. It's only 10.5 miles and about 1100m of ascent but the ground is very rough - deep heather, boggy tracks, steep climbs and descents. I was going ok until the summit of Clachnaben, which is probably about halfway round but the descent off the back broke me in two and I couldn't recover - my legs weren't strong enough. I think I lost about 20 places and a boat load of time in the second half of the race.Russell fared a lot better than I did, although he too suffered on the descents. Russell raced round in 1:45:12 and 45th place, whilst I trailed round in 2:01:56 and an ignominious 91st. Not what I'd hope for but in the circumstances, it could have been worse.

More details on Johnny's personal blog

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Moorfoots at Allendale Challenge Northumberland

Colin Williams was recently pounding the hills in Northumberland, taking on the Allendale Challenge (26 miles, 1000m ascent)

I had a good run took 4hrs10 – I think it is a full 26 miles and 1000m of ascent as I finished with a bloke had a magic measuring watch. Mainly good trails and tracks, but a 5 mile section in the middle across open moorland and peat bog. It was a field of about 80 (mainly local) runners and I finished 7th . I faded in the last 5 miles so good training for Edinburgh marathon, and I know where to try to improve. I did a "Mike McGovern" and took a wrong turn which cost me a minute or two, and I finished was less than a minute off 5th place!



Saturday 4 April 2009

Moorfoots at Dunbar 10K Boundary Race

Five Moorfoots made the trip through to Dundar for the Belhaven Best Dunbar 10K Boundary Race. The weather looked a bit threatening as we arrived but almost on cue, the clouds cleared and the sun came out, but the breezy conditions remained - the two wind turbines behind the all-weather pitches at Race HQ more than earning their keep....

On a twisting and turning course, Wull Hynd led the Moorfoots home in 35'31", to take the Male Vet prize and fourth place over-all. Darin Dougal was close behind in 35'52" for fifth place, and Mike 'I don't run very well in the mornings' McGovern a bit off his usual pace at 37'10". No team prize today....Dunbar's 1st 7th 9th placing taking the honours.

Kenny Davidson held off some late challengers for a 39'54" and Chris Blackwood finished strongly to dip under the 40 minute mark with a 39'57".

A well organised and friendly event, this is certainly a recommended race - all finishers receiving a 'tinnie' of the sponsors finest ale.

Provisional results here

Friday 3 April 2009

Scottish Hill Runners Championship Races

Clachnaben Race Sat 11 April, Strachan, South Deeside, Aberdeenshire

Anyone else interested in doing this race?
It's the first of the six counters for the Scottish Hill Runners Championship. Distance 10.5 miles, ascent 3,500 ft, category A Medium.

I'm going and would happily give or take a lift.
I'll can be contacted on mobile (0776 1290211).

I'm hoping to do all six of the SHR championship races so could give or take lifts to any others.