Tuesday 22 August 2023

Club Champs update 22/08

 Club champs updated now.  Martin still out in front,  but Coreen McGovern putting in a strong challenge !!!

PositionRaceTOTAL Points
Martin Holt190
Dean Carr160
Gillian Carr135
Coreen McGovern115
Mike McGovern100
Carol Moss95
Tim Warner75
Colin Williams75
Jen Misak75
Sam Laydon70
Daniel Lavin65
Vicky Morrison55
David Carter Brown55
Kerry Law55
Milan Misak50
Dorien Kimenai50
Peter Caddick40
Ian Munro30
Nick Boyd25
Mike Goddard25
Dianna Challands20
Oli Jepson20
Alex Campbell20
Pamella Swallwell15
Hamish Parkinson15
Alan Elder15
Mike Pearson10
Sarah Burthe10
Brian Smith10
Neil Christie10
Andrew Fish10
Pete Hall5
Martin Quirke5
Margaret Oliver5

Full Results Link

Please check the sheet and below the results is all the races and points I have allocated to each runner.  Let me know  if I have missed anything.



Wednesday 9 August 2023

Mhor Marathon Race Report by Kerry Law

 Mhor Marathon Race Report_Aug 2023

If you’d told me a couple of years ago that this summer I’d be running a marathon, I’m not sure I’d have believed you. I always thought marathons were for ‘proper serious’ runners. But having trained for and now run my first marathon, I’ve learned two things.

  1. Any runner can do a marathon. Provided you put in the training, accept that it’ll be harder than anything you’ve done before, and that on the day after you’ll be cursing the person who invented stairs, then you can do it. 

  2. The level of support you get when running a marathon is incredible. Honestly, every person in Moorfoots who I told about my marathon plans gave me advice and encouragement. You all gave me advice on what to eat, when to eat, how many long training runs to do, ideas for training runs, how to stop my running pack rubbing the skin off my back (thanks Dorien!) and most of all encouraged me to enjoy it. Thank you all.

And a shout out to Martin Holt who was also running on Sunday. Martin was very calm on the start line and I tried to emulate that! As he’d done this particular race before, he also gave me one last very good tip—ignore the people doing the relay as part of the same race. Especially at the swap-over point at 16 miles where a bunch of people with fresh legs join the race. 

I chose the Mhor Marathon for my first one. It’s an A-B course from Callander, up to Strathyre, loops around Balquhidder and finishes along Loch Voil to Monachyle Mhor Hotel. The route is a mix of paths, forest tracks, bike path and wee back roads. And it’s hilly. The climbs in the last 4 miles almost finished me off!

So why did I choose a hilly, mixed terrain route for my first marathon? Because I wasn’t fussed about my time. I didn’t care how long I took to run it, I just wanted to enjoy it. The Mhor Marathon is not a race you do for a PB. Those hills, and a boat crossing (with a cup of Pimms!) at the end mean it’s not going to be anyone’s fastest marathon. I wanted an event that was more about the scenery and the experience rather than my time. And in terms of friendly, scenic races, this one definitely delivered.

We were lucky with the weather – a mix of clouds and sunshine, no wind and no rain, and muggy but not too hot. On every section of the course the views were lovely—lochs and mountains everywhere, including views of Ben Vorlich, Stuc a’ Chroin and Ben Ledi. I especially enjoyed the track along Loch Lubnaig and if I hadn’t been busy running a marathon I’d have been tempted by a swim. 

The finish at the head of Loch Voil was stunning and the atmosphere there was great.

Martin ran a brilliant race too, though he said he was a few minutes slower than when he did it 5 years ago. I reckon that’s allowed. 

Finishing times:

Martin 04:15 (category position 7)

Kerry 05:15 (category position 22)

Oh, and I learned a third thing from running my marathon. Post-race, salty crisps are the absolute best thing ever!