Friday 22 April 2011

Moorfoots at Screel Hill Race

Screel Hill, down on the Urr Estuary near Dalbeattie in Galloway - lovely venue....

Great wee race down near Castle Douglas. Short steep run up through mature forest onto open hill with fantastic views over the Solway Coast (if you can afford the time to look). Then a fast, technical descent through trees and over rocky drops. I managed 12th place (35:38), Julia 25th (4th lady - 40:51). Julia was just behind me at the summit but lost a few places by trying to stay in control on the descent!

Well worth the drive down.


Monday 18 April 2011

Moorfoot at Virgin London Marathon 2011

So close and yet so far...Johnny' valiant quest for the sub-3hr marathon...

Unfortunately, I strained my hamstring on Wednesday during my last serious training run. I was just finishing up with 3 x 1 minute at 10k pace and I got a twinge in my right ham (I damaged the other one on NYD) at 50 seconds in on the last pickup! The annoying thing was that I felt great previous to that, everything was effortless.

I left it 2 days, it seemed ok and then on Saturday, I went for a 3 mile run to see how it was and it went again. I knew instantly that I was screwed - there's no way to run a marathon on a strained hamstring that won't end badly.

Still, I tipped up to the start line and thought I'd give it a go, see how far I could get and if the hamstring went again, I'd get the tube back to the finish and watch the end.

Half a mile in, it started to hurt, by mile 3, the 2:59 pacer went past and I made no attempt to stay with him (I was running sub 3 pace anyway) because I didn't think I was finishing. It got worse and at mile 5 I felt it roll down the back of my leg. Horrible. At that point, I'm thinking that as soon as I see a tube or a train station, I'm done.
But, it didn't get any worse, so I thought, I'll just run to the next mile. And I kept doing that, mile after mile. I went through halfway in 1:30:17 but I wasn't feeling great. It's hard to focus on running well when you keep expecting your hamstring to rupture or spasm.

Eventually, the strain of compensating for a bad muscle spread to the rest of my legs - my quads turned to wood and my calves started seizing. The funny thing was, I wasn't bothered now - I knew my goose was cooked on the start line, so the fact that I was still running was amazing to me.

I started slowing significantly from mile 17. It was hot but that was the least of my troubles, everything hurt now. I was still running about 7:30-40 pace but it felt like I was going backwards. Nell Mcandrew came past but I couldn't stay with her (I tried, she looked good from behind).

At mile 24, I started feeling sick. At mile 25 my hamstring finally started to get worse and started to spasm. I crossed the line in 3:09.21.

On the one hand, it was a nightmare. On the other hand, I did something pretty crazy and survived. I suffered for 26 miles and learned a bit more about myself.

Today, I woke up with the back of my leg so sore, I can't touch it. That, along with seized quads, means I'm in a bit of a state.

I believe I fit enough to run sub 3 4 weeks ago when I cruised round Alloa in 1:23.11. I've just suffered because I've devoted all my time to running on the road - it has made me fitter but weaker. No serious hill running and no cycling has left me with a succession of niggles. And the timing of the last one killed my race. Still, no-one to blame but myself. No point being fit and injured.

Cheers, Johnny

Sunday 17 April 2011

Carnethy5 on BBC iPlayer
Only a couple of days left to watch this. Good shots of Sarah and Mike Reid, a glimpse of Julia, and is that Eddie Balfour being interviewed on the run at one point?



Monday 11 April 2011

Moorfoots at the Edinburgh Half Marathon

It went very well, but... the course was 13.4 miles for some ridiculous reason considering it was an out and back. They simply put the turn about 250m to far along the road, so I got a massive pb, and went through 13.1 miles at about 1:22.40, however finished in 1:24.32, in 38th position overall (out of 3019). My average split was 6:19, however I was run a bit slower than that, but managed to do the last 2 miles in 6 min mile pace, until I faded when the finish line didn't appear!

All in all I am very happy, and 6 weeks until the full marathon so a few long runs to go yet.



Sunday 10 April 2011

JBW Run 2011

The Moorfoot John Buchan Way (JBW) club run coincided with possibly the best day of the year so far, with balmy breezes and sunshine from start to finish.

Six Moorfoots and two dogs set off about 10:00 from Broughton Place encountering  generally dry and dusty conditions (and a few wee muddy bits) - no wooly hats and full body cover this year....

Cademuir Hill towards the end of the run was 'alive' with Orienteers, and we even bumped into ex-President Mike Pearson out walking his dog...

The run finished back at Edderston Road where cake and buns were served sitting out in the sun - perfect !

Moorfoots at Dunbar 10K

Darin crossing the line..
The Dunbar 10K is a regular calendar fixture for the Moorfoots, although a slightly lower representation this year than in previous years.

Mike Reid again led the Moorfoot colours home, in a fourth place (35:31), with Darin just over a minute further back in 36:53  for a top ten finish (9th).
Steve Martin was just over the 40 minutes in 40:04 for 24th place.

Special mention to Hilary Dougal who recorded a sub 60 minute result in 59:18 - a great result on a tough course which is anything but flat !!!

Moorfoot Hill Racing Results - Deuchary Hill Canter and Birnam Hill Classic

A bit late with these results apologies...

At the Birnam Hill Classic on the Saturday (26-March), the Moorfoots were represented by Sarah and Julia, in a particularly large field for this SHR Championship event..
Sarah took 3rd lady in 35 mins (42nd overall), with Julia finishing in 133rd place in 41:45 - there were 240 (!) finishers.

Results here..

On the Sunday, the Deuchary Canter was held, as part of a weekend 'triple header' - Mike reid was the lone 'Moorfoot'  but still managed a 2nd place (1:31) a couple of minutes behind the winner who set a new course record over the 12 mile course.

Results here...