Wednesday 20 April 2022

Thirsty Thursday

 Hi all, 

Its Thirsy Thursday tomorrow night (21st). The plan is to run up Edston/Hamilton hill way and then for a change drinks at the Neidpath Inn at 8pm (Feel free to join for drinks only). I was in there at the weekend and it was very nice and plenty of tables for groups. Hope to see you all there. 


Friday 15 April 2022

Hawkshead Trail Race and Llangollen Fell race 2022 reports

Reports from Kerry Law at Hawkshead Trail Race 9th April and Colin Williams at Llangollen Fell race 10th April

Kerry's Report

Last weekend I did one of the Lakeland Trails races down in Hawkshead. It was a 16k route and it was brilliant. When we arrived in Hawkshead there were clouds and a few spits of rain, but thankfully it soon cleared into a cold, sunny day – perfect for running.

The route headed out of the village along a country road but soon turned up onto a wee path heading into the hills. I knew that the first 2.5 miles were uphill so settled in for the climb and shared a some ‘phew, tough start’ comments with my fellow runners. It was a rocky path which kept the climb interesting and we soon lost sight of Hawkshead and could see nothing but trees, fells and stone walls – classic Lakeland views. A short section on a forest road took us to the top of the first climb. Up here there were trees down from the winter storms and the route was diverted a few times and also we had to do some climbing up and over fallen trunks – I knew those Thurs runs scrambling over trees in Glentress would come in useful!

From the top of the hill we popped out of the trees and had a lovely long descent down a wide grassy slope with incredible views across to the Coniston fells. There were a few stream crossings – wet feet! – then we reached Far Sawrey. A short run through the village before turning up for more hills!

I knew there was a hill at the start and another to come towards the end, but I wasn’t expecting this middle hill! It was about half-way at this point and I was feeling good, though, so managed to overtake a few folks on the climb. Nice to know all those intervals on Janet’s Brae are worth it!

The descent off this hill was great fun – wet, muddy, rocky, rooty and fast! At the bottom we followed a forest road along the side of Lake Windermere which was bright blue in the sunshine with sail boats bobbing merrily.

Then came the tough bit. It was described in the race blurb as an ‘infamous, mile long, near vertical, killer climb’. I’ll confess I did underestimate it, thinking it’s only a mile, I’ve done longer climbs, how hard can it be? Answer – really quite hard! It started off as stone steps that seemed to stretch up into the woods forever! Thankfully it did get more runnable nearer the top. We popped out on a forest road and I thought that might be it, only to be told by a very smiley marshal that there was still a quarter to go!

Up through more trees then finally I reached somewhere I recognised – we were at the top of the first climb of the day. The route retraced our steps from here so I knew it was all downhill. Woohoo!

It was a great way to finish, running back down the wee rocky path we’d come up. Near the bottom the views opened up again and I could see into the valley and Hawkshead waiting. A short wiggle across some fields, along the edge of the village and I was back, done!

Afterwards I was surprised, and delighted, to discover I was 10th female. Just squeezed into the top ten! It was a great race and I’d recommend it. 

Colin's Report

I planned a boys weekend away with to catch up with my Dad who lives just over the English border from Wales, so we headed west and into beautiful Wales and the Vale of Llangollen. Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to slip in a cheeky hill race! 

This is how it is explained on the website:

Llangollen Fell race is a 17 mile fell and trail race that takes in around 3000ft of elevation, Taking in the beautiful views across Trevor Rocks, Eglwyseg Mountain, Rhuabon Mountain and then towards Cyrn Y Brain & Watkins Tower. Then down the Offas Dyke and along the beautiful Worlds End Trail back towards the finish. An amazing and beautiful course, all marked and marshalled and very runnable from start to finish.

It was perfect race weather - cool but sunny, amazing scenery and course suited me - more of a trail race with gentle inclines. I was very happy to finish 9th and 2nd Vet in 2:19:37, in a race where the previous course records were beaten by the first three men and winning woman. And I managed to get back to guest house by 11.30 to meet Dad for a slap up lunch.

That's actually me in the photo through a telescopic lens!

Me with my prize of Kendal mint cake coffee!

Wednesday 13 April 2022

20k Buttermere Trail Race - 20th March 2022

Tim Warner did the 20k Buttermere Trail Race -  20th March 2022
A ‘round-the-lake’ race is always satisfying, and this is a classic Lake District trail going round both Buttermere and Crummock Water. It stays at low level, with an alleged 234m total ascent, so even in late March it shouldn’t be too hostile.
I opted for a Grand Day Out in the Lakes, rather than making a weekend of it, and it was a great start with the sun rising into a clear sky as I travelled the icy road to Moffat. With a brief pit-stop at Gretna Services it took just two and a half hours to reach Buttermere.
Registration was quick and easy, the cafe had opened early and there was plenty of time for last-minute stuff and a blether before the 10:00 start. Despite the deep blue sky and sun there was a stiff cold breeze coming straight at us, so this race would start with full jacket and gloves. A few miles in there was more shelter, and the top kit went into the backpack. By now it was obvious this would be 20k of running with a big smile on my face. The deep blue of the lakes reflected the blue sky, with green, orange and brown hills in between. Just perfect. The terrain was brilliant for running too - tough in places but very satisfying. The voice in my head reminded me to watch my footing - but by concentrating hard I managed to take in the scenery too.
There was only about 50m of this course which had no view, and that was the tunnel we ran through after the first mile. Underfoot it was everything - rough stone trail, gravel tracks, tree-rooty woodland, shingle beaches and peat bog with stone slabs. Lots of peat bog, and some of it knee-deep. But there was always another stream to wash the shoes. This was an undulating route, with most ascent in the second half, most notably a stone step path climb up the hillside. And only a few hundred metres of tarmac in total!
Any faults? Well, runners at the pointy end might be frustrated by a bit of congestion at stiles in the first half-mile (for those of us further back this was a chance to catch the breath and enjoy some craic). And for slower runners like myself, the cafe at the finish was very busy by the time I got there. Otherwise, this was a fine race for trail runners of all abilities who just want to enjoy a day in good company in great surroundings. A good value, no frills but plenty of thrills, event. Would I do it again? For sure, though I’d try to take a fast companion who could get my food order in for me for when I finished. Nearly 200 runners, fastest 1h22m, slowest just over 3h.

Sunday 10 April 2022

Club Membership Renewals for 2022/23


Moorfoot Runners Club Membership Renewals are now due for 2022/23

(Year runs 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023).


We have kept to the same system of  renewal as last year with Entry Central. The costs are also  the same as previous years (Entry Central costs are being absorbed by the club).


Please click on the relevant link depending on your membership type:


Link for Individual Memberships (£15):


Link for Couple/Family Membership (£20);


Link for Junior Membership (U18) (£10):



Many thanks

Eddie Balfour

Moorfoot Runners Club Treasurer

Club Champs - Up and Running


Club Champs – Up & running !!


Update from the club champs this week.  Great starts from Robbie Devlin running the Paris Marathon and Martin Holt coming 2nd MV50 in the Kielder Ultra race.  Also A lot of guys opening their accounts running the Parkrun.


One little update to the races -  rather than just including the 2 park runs (Vogrie and Haylodge) you will get 5 points for running any different parkrun (once).

Also, just to clarify – first attempt at a distance does not also get you PB Bonus points 😉


We are in the process of securing some great prizes for the champs so get racing !!!!


These are the latest results we are aware of.  Please get in touch if you have anything to add.


RaceTOTAL Points

Martin Holt45
Robbie Devlin40
Gillian Carr10
Peter Caddick10
Dorien Kimenai5
Alex Campbell5
David Waldie5
Robert Wilson5
Scott Gourlay5
Tim Warner5


Upcoming club champ races to enter


Penicuik 10K:

An “undulating” road race round Penicuik & Howgate


Black Rock 5 - Entries for the 2022 Black Rock '5' will open at 19:00 on Friday 15th April on EntryCentral

If you want to enter this one you have to be quick off the mark!!


Wobbly Bridge:

A nice trail race along the banks of the Tweed at St Boswells

Kelso 10k:

Nice mix of trail and road around Floors Castle.


Club Champ Spreadsheet:

Saturday 9 April 2022

Paris Marathon Reports - April 2022 - Robbie Devlin & Oli Jepsen have fantastic debut marathons

Fantastic debuts by Oli and Robbie in Paris - massive congrats to both for 2:46 and 3:15 times respectively! Reports below

Robbie’s report:

On Sunday 4th April I finally took the plunge and completed my first every marathon, in Paris. The weekend was a bit chilly but it was dry and sunny on the day – perfect conditions for us Scots!

The race course starts on the Champs Elysees, just a little down from the Arc de Triomphe. From there, the race takes you past the Louvre and through an amazing park – Bois de Vincennes – where there is a huge chateau. Having been to Paris before, this was a new place for me and will add it to my list of places to visit when I go back (apparently it was designed by Napoleon III). You then loop back, run along the Seine and past the Eiffel Tower. The whole route was full of people coming out to support the runners – I even saw a couple of Scotland flags.

For my first time, I found the first 22 miles fine but really struggled with the final 4 miles. Despite that, I managed to finish the course in 3:15:46, which I am very happy with. Also, pleased to report that I am not put off marathons for life and am already looking into what my second one could be. Open to suggestions…

 Oli Jepsen report

After moving temporarily from Peebles to Paris (an obvious move given the alliteration), I knew I’d need something to keep me motivated and Seine whilst living in a city: something other than pastries and the Mona Lisa. I figured I would kill several birds with one stone and run the local marathon. In doing so, I would stay entertained, scratch my ever present exercise itch and sûrement, I could finally call myself a proper runner having done a road marathon.
So, I replaced Janet’s Brae for the Bois de Vincennes, Hamilton Hill for the circuit du polygone and under the guidance of Peebles local and running coach extraordinaire, Scott McDonald, became an addict of pace and intervals. The process worked and not only did my psych remain despite a lack of available bike laps at the Golfie, I got fit.
With an ill-advised taper of ski touring and family walks, I lined up with 38,000 others on a cold and sunny day and ran my first marathon. In spite of being one of only a few around me not in super-Nikes, I absolutely loved it. Well, the first half anyway - that was full of uplifting live music, great crowds and beautiful streets. By 28km however, the wheels had fallen off - or more accurately, semi-deflated - and I suffered through the last 15km, unable to muster any more speed for anything other than the last fifty yards. I was pleased to have finished within my sub-3 hour target but disappointed to have had a brush with the proverbial Wall.
The wonderful atmosphere along with the runner’s obligatory discontent has probably left me up for another season of flat tarmac intervals whilst I await a return to hill repeats up Venlaw.
More annoyingly was that I’d only beaten my target by 14 minutes, Julie (soft ‘J’) - the reason for my presence in Paris - managed to beat hers by 16, essentially pipping me on the line. Home soil advantage. 

Official results here:





Sunday 3 April 2022

Moorfoot Kit Order - Hoodies, and new design tops

Final date for orders has been extended to Monday 2nd May.

We are pleased to inform you we are ready to take kit orders! We have a mini but mighty selection of items for you to enjoy! Please see links and prices below.


Short Sleeved Tops: £23.50

Size guide

Long Sleeved Tops: £26.50

Size guide

To order 




Junior sizes:£22.50

Russell/Jerzees Clothing - Kid's















Adult sizes £23.99.















Chest (to fit):







We are lucky to have the option to personalise your hoodie with your initials so be sure to include these in the order email to Vickie Morrison. 

Payment details:

Please note payment needs to be received before we can process any order (bank details in the email).

Please send an email to Vickie Morrison when requesting a Hoodie, giving sizing detail and initials if required and date payment was sent to the bank

Please email Diana Challands for tops, again giving details of the order and date payment was made.

Please include the following on the reference for your order on the bacs transfer:

For long sleeved tops please give first three letters of your surname followed by LS

For short sleeved please give first three letters of you surname followed by SS.

For Hoodies please give first three letters of surname followed by HO.


Buffs are £5, please contact Pete Hall 


Vests £10 and are available by contacting Alan Macdonald

Check your inbox for email of 23 March "Moorfoot Running kit" for email contact details for Vickie, Diana, Alan and Pete; and Bank account details for payment

Thank you, Vickie Morrison